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Caravan on mountain lake - Stewpendous!

When else does a Stewp Mix come in handy?

I have been inspired by Stewp fans on how and when they use their Stewp Mixes.  I wanted to share some of these occasions to help and inspire you.


Caravan & Campervan - When kitchen space is limited 

Before children, my wife and I borrowed an old VW camper van from a friend and spent a couple of weeks travelling around Cornwall.  I loved the van but the lack of space for cooking meant you needed to keep the meals fairly straightforward. 

Customers today are telling me that the Stewp Mixes are ideal for using in a caravan and a campervan, not just because they are perfect for making in a small cooking space, but given their long-life, if you buy them ahead of time you know they will last the trip.


Self-catering holidays - When you need to take supplies with you

When you go on a self-catering holiday you will probably want to take some food with you rather then spending too much of your free time shopping. However, the fresh food you take may not last the holiday. 

Some of Stewpendous' customers are taking a Stewp Mix with them and buying fresh food to add to it when they get to their destination.  

  • "Iceland is expensive so the mixes were great as I just needed to buy the cheaper ingredients to add".

  • "When I get to the house I know there will be nothing in the cupboards so I need something I can take and simply add to when I get there".

  • "Bought the collection from you on my holiday up to Edinburgh. Perfect Sunday cook off"

From my own experience if you are on a budget and still like eating well without taking lots of ingredients with you, a Stewp Mix is great. You can pick up some great fresh vegetables to add where you are staying. 


Alex (Founder - Stewpendous) carrying Sam on Scottish West Coast holiday 

Camping - Instant Stewp (almost)

One customer inspired me with his organisation for a weekend camping trip.  He follows the three Stewp preparation steps but rather than adding water and cooking, freezes the mixture in a container.

When the Scottish weather obliges for a spontaneous weekend's camping he takes the container with him.   At the campsite he adds the contents to a pan of simmering water, enjoying a beer while the Stewp cooks!

I take a Stewp Mix when I go camping with the family.  You want to make sure you have enough gas for the stove.  I use a CampingGaz stove and simmering a Stewp Mix for one hour uses approximately 109g of gas.

Stewp Mix next to camping stove

Happy adventures!

Founder - Stewpendous

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