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Alex Carr-Locke (Founder - Stewpendous) in Stewpendous Kitchen

Once upon a time

 Great packaging, the jungle, & the financial crisis

When I lived in Canada a local business was making soup mixes with rice and pulses layering all the ingredients in the package - a concept that always stuck in my mind. 

I then had the privilege of leading a project in Costa Rica with Raleigh International, a youth-led action organisation.   In a self-made kitchen deep in the jungle I was amazed by the delicious meals everyone made with limited ingredients.

Later when people were struggling financially in the aftermath of the financial crisis I realised how necessary it was to be able to make delicious nutritious meals with staple ingredients.  

I wanted to find a way to inspire people to cook and enjoy great flavours on a budget using ingredients they might have to hand. 


Three ingredients

 A red pepper, a can of chopped tomatoes, & an onion

Still fascinated by the mixes I saw in Canada I started creating my own to which you only added three ingredients.  I started with a red pepper, tinned chopped tomatoes, an onion and a home-made taco seasoning and stock mix. The Tex-Mex was born. 

Is it a Stew? Is it a Soup? It's a Stewp...just something beautiful in between!

The challenge has been coming up with flavours where you just add three ingredients.  However, so far there are four great flavours which is thanks to my wife and chief taste tester, Lucy, for trying the many versions of each new flavour I create!

Customers find themselves needing the Stewp mixes for different reasons.  I have been most proud knowing they have helped folk in assisted living to cook and eat, helped a customer with his weight management program, and helped a customer make one evening meal a week always vegetarian!  I hope they feel Stewpendous!


Feel Stewpendous

Stewp Mixes available on-line

When I make food with a Stewp Mix I feel Stewpendous!  Using them saves me time, makes delicious food and gives me the energy to exercise and get on with the day. 
I want others to feel Stewpendous. So after great customer feed-back, in 2021 I am proud to bring the Stewp Mixes on-line for you to discover.   

Founder - Stewpendous


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