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Sambar Curry Stewp Mix - A taste of India

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Sambar Curry Stewp Mix - A taste of India

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What is a Stewp Mix?

Not a Stew Mix, Not a Soup Mix, Just something Beautiful in between! 

We want you to feel Stewpendous, so we created a vegan gluten-free mix to help you easily make delicious food.  Just add three vegan gluten-free ingredients you may already have in three simple steps, and simmer. Each mix makes 3 servings with each vegan Sambar Stewp serving costing £1.22* in total.

You can also add meat - the choice is yours.  Without meat the meal is vegan, so the mix is great for vegans or meat lovers! 

View the images above for detailed cooking instructions.  To use a slow cooker, add the Stewp to the cooker rather than continuing to simmer it in the pan. 

The mix is packed with nutritious pulses to keep you going, as well as rice, dried vegetables, and a uniquely crafted stock, herb & spice mix. With a long shelf-life, you can take it anywhere and use it any time.

Watch the video on how to make a delicious Stewp. 

The Sambar Curry

Sambar is a southern Indian lentil-based curry that is traditionally a vegan dish.   Stewpendous has crafted its own for you with 9 herbs and spices and the nutty taste of ground chana dal.  The mustard seeds in the mix make this a warming hearty curry.  The spice heat of this mix is mild.

Just add one onion, 1/2 can of chopped tomatoes, and 2 medium potatoes to the mix in 3 easy steps (10 mins), then simmer (60 mins).  As recommended by customers an optional ingredient to add is 1/2 can of coconut milk. 

We want you to enjoy a balanced plant & meat diet.  For meat we recommend chicken. 

Garnish with some fresh coriander and enjoy with some warm naan bread and mango chutney!

Ingredients & Nutrition 

View the images above for ingredients and nutritional information.  Read our blog post about why pulses are good for me.

What else can I make with Stewp Mix?

Read our blog post on cooking ideas to help start your creative Stewp making journey. 

Eco Packaging 

Our Stewp mix packaging and labels are made from plants.  Learn more and how to dispose of them. 

*Based on Oct 2023 (Sainsbury's) cost of additional vegan ingredients to add to the mix.